Benefits of Design-Build

When beginning the process of building a new home, where to begin and who to choose can oftentimes be the most difficult decision. Unlike the path of “design, bid, build”, which is the approach of hiring an architect/designer to create plans then bidding the project out with several builders, we curate a team of professionals from day one all tailored to your specific project. By creating this team, it allows for a smoother building process, alleviates any issues that can easily come from numerous unfamiliar firms working together and creates a better end result for your project.

While we believe there are numerous benefits to selecting a design- build firm for your custom home project, we break down the top three benefits below.

Team of professionals and experts

 The Design-build method provides expertise in both design and construction. An expert design-build team provides knowledge of advanced construction methods and has strong, reliable partnerships with trade partners. At Atchison Heller, we help you create a team that best fits your needs and the specific design of your project.

Throughout the past 35 years, we have developed relationships with the industry’s leading professionals which allows us to ensure that you have a team of experts that keeps your best interest in mind throughout the entire process.

Keeps project in line with your budget

 The design- build process allows us to work with you to create realistic budgets and scopes to provide you with a detailed cost of your project. This approach ensures that all team members are included in the process and there are no hidden costs later down the road.

Having a team centric approach that concerns itself with both the budget and the highest level of execution creates a dynamic and successful atmosphere for the Client. Decisions are made quicker and from a more empowered place of understanding both cost and concern for the Design. This means that design work gets done quicker and does not have to be re-examined due to budget concerns late in the planning phase.

Allows open and transparent communication

 Implementing a design- build strategy allows full communication with the homeowner and the design team as well as interactive customer involvement. As the customer, your voice will be heard throughout every step of the process. We believe this to be a crucial part as it is your project and our end goal is to deliver you the home of your dreams and be your builder for life.

There are numerous benefits to the design- build process and we believe it allows a team to deliver the highest quality project to you in a healthy and productive setting. Follow along on Instagram to see the behind the scenes of what goes into being a design- build firm.