Historic Renovation

This classic 1928 home and unique Lexington treasure with timeless architecture received a whole-house renovation. Atchison Heller worked with one of Lexington’s most talented architects, Tom Wilmes, to breathe new life into this historic home.

During the renovation, Atchison Heller was sure to preserve historic details in every way possible, from the original shutters to the original door hardware. Atchison Heller was tasked with recreating all of the original 1928 interior trim profiles throughout the home, which were all custom-milled to match the original woodwork. The original hardwoods were kept throughout the home and refinished, creating an authentic and vintage feel throughout the whole house.

The home was completely demoed down to the original structure and all old plumbing, electric and HVAC was removed and redone. Atchison Heller also included multiple additions around the house and above the garage.

The beauty of the finished product lies in the preservation of the look and feel of the original home. To achieve authentic and accurate representations of the original home is a rare feat, but was accomplished. The thoughtful preparation and planning of the renovations resulted in design that maintained the integrity of the architecture, producing a genuine and time-enduring home.