Modern Craftsman

Transitional Craftsmen style home located in the heart of Old Lexington. It gives off the feel of fitting in with the neighborhood while presenting the future of Lexington architecture for the next generation. This new construction used Atchison Heller’s accumulated knowledge and experience to build something different and special. This private AH project began with the intention to sell after the build, was complete. New and creative techniques were used to push boundaries and normal procedures farther than before. Interest in the home started before the completion of the build, and it sold a few months before the final completion date. Scoring a HERS rating of 53 on a house of this size (6800 sq ft) is a great accomplishment for Atchison Heller. It means there was extreme attention paid to the details, starting from the exterior products to the interior of the home. Proper flashing, air sealing, ventilation, installation of HVAC system, etc. lead to these results and the ability to have confidence in overall product.