“My wife and I had the pleasure of building two homes with Atchison Heller, and we never considered using another builder. Atchison Heller delivers an outstanding product through their dedication, hard work, and integrity during the construction process. We personally recommend Atchison Heller to our friends.”

—Buddy and Liz

“All of you guys are great! Janie kept everything under control. Once she queried me on my needs and wants, she readily offered up great suggestions with two or three options that were close to my ideas and styles and kept me on time and budget. The best thing that you guys all do is listen, retain, and ask good questions as the whole process goes along. I could not have done this without your whole team. I tend to be the primary caregiver in every facet and operation of my life, so to have someone I can depend on and help me as much as you guys have, is quite unique for me. I cannot say enough good things.”


“The move has gone very smoothly! Still lots of boxes in the garage to unpack but the house is wonderful. I know we are going to enjoying living in it for many years. We have had many positive comments on the house. On one of the first days when I was moving boxes in, two individuals who walk regularly on the street and had followed the progress stopped me and told me how much they liked the house and how well it fit in the neighborhood.

Jane was very good to work with and she is going to continue to help me with the selection of living room furniture. She provides good advice, but will let the client make the final decision.

Choosing you as our contractor was absolutely the best decision. I think you and Austin and David and I “clicked” from the very first meeting. The professionalism and attention to detail are extraordinary. It is obvious that Austin, Max, Hollis, Norma, and Julio really enjoy their jobs. I have told so many people how impressed I was that you had your mission statement posted in the house. All of your subcontractors are professional and obviously do quality work or would not be working for you. The cleaning crew was great and the fact that they have worked for Atchison Heller for 13 years says something about the quality of their work but also tells me that Atchison Heller treats its subcontractors and workers well. Not every company does so. Our neighbors commented on how considerate all of the workers were with respect to parking and the like. Thanks for a great job!”

—Elizabeth W.

“We would rate our experience with AH as excellent.  Our favorite thing about our remodel is how up to date, fresh, warm and comfortable we find our bathroom.  The original space was not well designed,  little did we know how much we would enjoy the space after maximizing how the square footage is used.

There were improvements AH made to our plans that were better than we expected,  i.e. upgraded smart fans, type of wood used, how to best insulate that space and the staircase built outside to lessen traffic through the house. The remodel was incredibly clean and orderly. There was a daily clean up crew that kept the work space amazingly tidy. The rest of the house was unaffected by the construction.

We were grateful for the respect of our property and the friendliness and courteousness of the AH employees to not only our family, but to our neighbors as well.

David was always available for any concerns or consulting.  Bobby and David were eager to please and able to find solutions to changes made throughout the process.  We enjoy the final project, however the process took longer than we would have liked.  Overall you cannot find a better team to help make your dreams come true.”

—Van & Becky

“Design Link has had the privilege of working with Atchison Heller for over 3 years.  We have partnered with them on both large and small scale projects, and have never been anything but impressed by their professionalism, attention to detail, timely communication and quality of work.  What we think stands out the most with this team is their genuine desire to provide a quality end product.  They work tirelessly to make sure that the finished project equals or exceeds everything the client hoped for. They insist on quality in all aspects of a job, from the product being provided to the workmanship being executed.  We find their projects are uninterrupted once launched, because they provide their clients with the tools needed to design the space and make the necessary selections, prior to getting started.  From the perspective of a designer, this is a refreshing approach.  Having the design side of the project more or less completed in advance of the construction starting, prevents the client from feeling overwhelmed or rushed, and gives them the time needed to make decisions they are pleased with long term.  Beyond their quality of work, our designers find AH to be consistently kind, respectful and positive, even in the midst of challenges that arise on occasion.  Having both a strong team out in the field as well as back at the office, without question, sets them apart. Their project managers, and their “behind the scene” staff work as a team, with the common goal of satisfying their client.  We genuinely love working with this group…they are just good people!”

—The Design Link Team/Nancy, Jessica, Ann-Alan, Samantha and Jayme  

“As a partner and architect working in the construction industry it is our distinct pleasure to have completed and continue to work with Atchison Heller on the highest quality projects in the Lexington and surrounding areas. Atchison Heller has developed a streamlined process, bringing all consultants and design partners to the table for an integrated design process that allows for the highest quality & efficient product. Working with AH has allowed us to showcase some of our best work! AH strives for perfection with every step of the design and construction process which aligns with our goals as architects and designers. We are excited about the projects we have completed, the ones currently in progress, and the future ones to come.”

—Baron G.


“During our extensive remodel several years ago, we chose Atchison Heller to do the work. We found them to be competent, trustworthy, and very reliable. We worked together daily on scheduling and expectations to ensure the project ran as smoothly as possible. We highly recommend Atchison Heller and they would certainly be our first choice should we choose to do another home renovation project.”

-Mary and Cooper H.

“Being in the building business , when we decided to build a second home in lexington – we wanted to build with a builder that builds a top quality home , that has a solid reputation , who operates with integrity , and stands behind their product .

As we did our due diligence on Lexington builders – Atchison Heller was constantly mentioned as a top builder that we should consider .

After further research , we built a condo seven years ago with Atchison Heller ; and have been very pleased with our second home. Their customer service , communication , quality construction , and follow up is top notch.

We are now building our dream home – a larger custom home , with Atchison Heller. Building a home is wonderful and challenging , especially when we live in Columbus , Ohio , but the professional team at Atchison Heller takes great care of their customers. They are a quality builder who constantly checks with you to make sure you are getting what you want.”


“When life changes offered an opportunity to move to Lexington, I was determined to find “as perfect as possible” a home for my final independent (but happily willing to turn over the hard stuff to others) relocation. I looked at other town homes, small single family dwellings, condos, downtown living and those in near counties trying to find both beautiful inside and outside spaces. As soon as I walked into my present home, I recognized it as the home I wanted. The quality of workmanship in cabinetry, paint and style was particularly pleasing. After moving in, it readily became apparent that if I had a concern or a problem, the office was interested in listening and resolving it.”

—Donna H.

AH has done two major projects for us. The first was a remodel of a mid-century modern home and the second was a custom new build. Throughout both projects I have gotten to know the AH team extensively, working with them on and off for the past three and half years. The entire team, including project managers, office staff, and every single sub-contractor (painters, plumbers, electrician, trim-carpenters, drywall, tile, etc.) have been fantastic to work with. They are reliable, detail-oriented and run impeccable construction sites. I highly recommend them for any project. People are often shocked when I tell them how great the experience of building a custom home was, and I always tell them it is because of the AH team, most notably David Atchison and all of the subs who worked so incredibly hard on the project. By the end, I wanted to do it all over again!

—Mary Jordan W.

If quality is your priority, then Atchison Heller is who you want to build your home. Before moving into our new home, we had heard the term “tight” to describe a well built house. We now know what a “tight house” is. The solid framing and beyond necessary insulation contribute to the quality of house AH builds. Not to mention the lower electric bills. The different crafts that build the house are top notch and seriously skilled craftsmen that take pride in their work. On the rare occasion when warranty work was needed the AH staff was very responsive. They made the call to the microwave manufacturer and followed up not passing the buck to us to deal with the supplier or the manufacturer. You can see our house on AH’s website, it’s the Scottish Farmhouse, and we couldn’t be more proud of the house that AH built for us. Thank you John and Steve and the rest of the AH staff, you all are the best!

—Mike D.

Absolutely loved working with the AH team. Project management was complete from start to finish and they worked with us really well when unexpected items came up. Would wholeheartedly give them a reference if you want to build or have major renovation needs.

—John K.

We have enjoyed working with Hollis and the AH team so far – we look forward to seeing their custom home finished in our development. Very professional team and quick response time!

—Ashley F.

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