The Well-Planned Mudroom

Sure, you’ve got your shopping lists checked off, but the ultimate in being prepared for back-to-school is having a well-planned mudroom. It helps corale the madness after a hectic day by having a central station to unload bags, kick off and store footwear, and finally get to relax. A mudroom also sets the tone for the day when everything is right where it should be before you head back out the next morning.

So, what exactly are a few ideal elements for this hardworking space?

  • Hooks and racks to hang outerwear, backpacks, etc.
  • Bench to sit on and double-duty as a place to set footwear underneath
  • Open cubbies or lockers for assigning storage space
  • Tile flooring for easy cleaning and durability
  • Utility sink for quick clean up or washing
  • Closet for storing anything you want out of sight, like past season clothing, cleaning supplies, seasonal items, or sports equipment

After a few weeks of welcoming in the new year school, you will probably have a better understanding of what you need for your mudroom. The great thing about this compact area is that it doesn’t take much to customize to suit your ever-evolving homelife or adjust to accommodate your budget.

Domino Magazine proves, regardless of size, mudrooms can absolutely be fully-functioning for you and your family in this inspiration post. And since we’re a family business used to working with the same families time and time again, we can certainly help you plan your next mudroom project, too.